March 29, 2010

It's not ALL about the razzle dazzle

There is a constant struggle in all of our jobs to remain relevant, provide good information and stay updated with technology (social media, etc.). This article, "Memo To News Sites: There Is No Future In Digital Razzle Dazzle," tells us that journalists (as well as PR professionals providing news and information) need to not only think of the flashy new technology, but to remember your audience and your duty to provide solid information.
What we’re learning is that the key to building and keeping traffic is far more prosaic than multimedia and sharing buttons. It rests on overcoming a huge cultural barrier: evolving a serious, experienced, thoughtful newsroom into an audience-first organization. I use the term “evolving” because this is all about the present tense. Trying to understand our current and future audience is a work in progress that will continue for as long as we publish on the web.
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