March 29, 2011

Ladies, you get what you grab for!

Public relations is a field for both men and women, but this article is geared specifically toward helping women get noticed and promoted for their own abilities. I think the content is worthwhile for anyone, though, so take a moment and read Sarah Evans' piece, "Five Social Tips for Women to Increase Media Exposure." You'll see how you can gain credibility to draw in business - especially for those who choose to freelance or work in an agency (rather than working for one organization).

March 25, 2011

Recap of Crisis Communications Presentation

For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting, here is a recap of the notes given by Lisa Rau, Herschend Family Entertainment, on Crisis Communications. The video will not be posted.

• What is your institution/organization’s reputation/image – how is it viewed by others

• Remember: the press is not the enemy

• Everyone has a job to do – the press included, and if you don’t provide information/help, you’re opening your org up to a BIGGER crisis

• Rumors love a void.

• Crisis of the day

• Constant barrage of information coming to us

• The first 48 hours are critical used to be the norm, but now the first 48 minutes are the most important.

• There is an incredible need to be first. Release information first before the media or anyone else.

• You can’t stop the news

• You have to know the people in your industry and the agencies who service you

• You shouldn’t be surprised when a story hits

• It is not ok to say “No Comment” There are ways to say something without saying anything.

• Having 3-5 message points is a good start – more than that, you’ll forget some. If you stick to these, you’ll have a concise, clear message.

• #1 the Media will find out

• #2 the Media will show up at your property

o where will you put them, where will they plug their equipment in

• #3 the media will expect you to talk

• #4 the media will have the last word

• We have to be ready for the tough questions

• You can’t turn bad news into good. But you can handle with honesty.

• Get on your own web sites, social networking site. Place your own messages and videos

• You have control today that didn’t used to be there. You have your own vehicles of distribution

• Play the drills

• Play the “what if” game

• Practice your message out loud – get used to the wording – otherwise, you might stumble over the phrasing, which makes you appear less prepared (and nervous).

• Don’t “wing it.” It never comes out right

• Preparation is critical

• Off the record is not off the record

• If there is a microphone near you assume its always on

• Save your jokes for later. When it comes to your company and a crisis, there are no jokes

• Vet your words

• Watch your body language

• If you don’t know your weakness – find it

• Watch your back

• “Microphone is not a verbal vacuum cleaner”

• Think in threes

• Say what you need to say and stop

• You don’t have to tell everything you know but you do need to tell the truth

March 22, 2011

Experimentation - it's part of the job!

For those of you who were at our PRSA meeting today, you probably noticed that we were recording Lisa Rau's presentation. The hope is to make these presentations available to members (and non-members) on our website, especially for those who can't attend meetings regularly. When it is posted, I'll let you know!

March 14, 2011

Annual PRSSA Day At MSU Announced

The Missouri State University Chapter-Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA) would like to extend you an invitation to our Annual PRSSA Day, Friday, March 18, 2011. Our theme for PRSSA Day is Social Media. Social Media is currently prevalent in the Public Relations field that all students should stay abreast on with current trends.


PRSSA will be having two insightful key note speakers at the event: Tressa Robbins and Ryan Knapp, who will share their in depth experiences in their professional career field dealing with social media. The organization will also host many public relations executive professionals during our Speed Networking Segment, we will proceed with a social media panel question and answer segment with the social media club from Springfield, MO. During the seminar we will hand out awards, recognizing select students and faculty that have been a tremendous help to our chapter during the 2010-2011 school year.

Our goal for PRSSA Day 2011 is to provide the members of PRSSA, the COM Department, and the over-all student and professional community an in depth look at social media and how it is affecting careers, businesses, and our economy. The Missouri State Chapter of PRSSA also wants to enlighten everyone with what we have accomplished as a chapter and what we do as an organization

All boutiques and businesses involved with this event will be recognized in all programs, as well as, permitted free admission to all aspects of the seminar and complimentary meals.


‘2011 Missouri State PRSSA Day: Moving Forward with 140 Characters’

Who: Missouri State University PRSSA

What: Networking event coupled with ‘Fall into la Mode’ fashion show

When: March 18th, 2011 9:30am-2:00pm (Please arrive at 9am)

Where: Missouri State University Plaster Student Union, Ballroom West

901 S National Ave, Springfield, Missouri 65897

We Would Like You:

PRSSA will be honored if you spoke to our students, faculty, and community about your profession in direct correspondence with social media. You will be interacting during our Speed Networking Segment, directly with students sharing their profession, answering questions, and hopefully looking to recruit for possible internships and future careers within your company.

Contact Jasmine Booker at (816) 810.9315 or via e-mail at

March 3, 2011

AAF Invitation: Who are you Becoming?

AAF of the Ozarks presents “Who Are You Becoming?”

A mini workshop with executive coach Kim Hartmayer
When: Wednesday, March 9, 11:30a-1p
Where: University Plaza, 333 S. John Q. Hammons Parkway
Cost: $15 AAF members & first-time guests; $20 repeat guests; $10 students
RSVP: by noon March 7

What’s your BIG dream? What’s getting in the way?
Kim Hartmayer is passionate about helping people to face and overcome the obstacles that keep them from fulfilling their highest potential. Professionally trained through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Kim gets to the heart of what matters most in your life and your business. She asks the key questions and shares tools you can use to create the future you want.

Kim’s interactive, customized presentation will address some of the top issues that advertising professionals are facing today and dig deep to uncover what REALLY gets in your way. Don’t miss this unique luncheon program that will help you see yourself and your career in a positive new way!

Reserve your space now, and pass the word about this valuable program!