February 17, 2013

Carnival Cruise Lines: The Importance of Internal Communications

Probably the only good communications to come out of the Carnival Triumph mess is all the positive news reports about the amazing crew.  I can only assume there have been positive comments about the crew on social media.  I haven't looked.  In a roundabout way, this points to the importance of internal communications.  Clearly, Carnival Cruise Lines provides crew training second to none.  This communicates to Carnival employees that the company cares about them.  It cares enough to give them the training they need to do an outstanding job.  Carnival should make that message part of its internal communications, if it hasn't already.  If a company takes care of its employees, the employees will take care of it during the worst of times.  A simple thing like training has given Carnival a silver lining in the midst of a PR nightmare.