November 23, 2010

Get everyone talking!

When you can't be there - whether it's an event or the conference - there is a growing expectation of still being able to participate remotely. Here is a good discussion on hashtags, engaging participants in conversation and possible missed opportunities.

November 15, 2010

Making a Twitter habit

In case you're still getting used to a regular Tweeting habit, all you need to remember is to follow the right people. People who are engaged in the same type of industry, who have relevant information to share. Read and retweet. Engage those in conversation. And find your own bits and pieces to share as well. You have a wealth of knowledge - now share.

Twitter may not be the best for communicating with your audience - it's true. But it can be helpful to you as a professional in staying atop industry trends and information.

Read "Four Reasons Why Everyone's Content is King on Twitter."

November 10, 2010

Worth a Look!

Check out our Chapter's Delicious account to see all of the latest bookmarks on great articles!

November 4, 2010

Think before you jump on a bandwagon!

QR Codes are one of the newest tools in the toolbox for many marketers or public relations professionals. As with any new technology or social media, an organization would be best served to approach these with curiosity, flexibility and strategy. Make these things work for you, and not the other way around.

Read "The Marketing Scan-gasm."

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