January 17, 2014

Have you recommended PRSA lately?

It seems the calendar moves more quickly each year and one year melts into the other and before I know it, it is time for fresh New Year’s resolutions. Time is the only thing that remains in constant short supply and as we all know, there isn’t time for everything. Our life, however, must have purpose and if we are to succeed in our jobs, personal lives, and volunteer work – we must have focus and action.

“Action expresses priorities,” says Mahatma Gandhi. It’s true! I’m on a team at work focusing on “building loyalty” and it isn’t enough anymore to ask a person if they “would recommend” xyz. The question now is “have your recommended” xyz. That is engagement and a real commitment to the organization.

So instead of asking you “Would you recommend PRSA to your friends and public relations colleagues,” I think the better question is, “Have you recommended our Southwest Missouri Chapter of PRSA to friends and PR colleagues?” Now is an excellent time to make it a priority to connect with at least one person you know in the industry that is not currently a member of PRSA.

Right now, you can recommend our chapter to your PR friends during the “New Year. New PR Successes” campaign and they can enjoy a waived initiation fee ($65 value) with promo code JAN14. Remember, in addition to monthly meetings, the SWMO chapter is hosting the Midwest District conference June 18-20, and there are more than 50 live and on-demand webinars scheduled for 2014, networking opportunities and more.

Our chapter is also connected socially with FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. I encourage you to connect with the chapter using these tools.

Thank you for your involvement in PRSA. We have a great year ahead of us and I look forward to seeing you at our first luncheon on Jan. 28.


Tamera Heitz-Peek