April 8, 2010

Branding and Rebranding

Check out this article from the Business Insider on the dangers of rebranding.

10 Major Rebranding Disasters And What You Should Learn From Them

A brand identity, name and logo is a company's public face. So you'd think companies would be really careful in figuring out how to revamp that image. Sadly, a good number of recent rebranding attempts seemed to just crash and burn.

We spoke with award-winning branding agency Method, Inc. and branding guru Rob Frankel about the worst rebranding disasters they've seen in the past few years. The lesson? A successful rebranding involves overhauling a company's goals, message, and culture -- not just changing a name or a logo.

Also, messing with a classic is, more often than not, a bad idea. Unfortunately, despite their massive marketing budgets, it seems like many major corporations (and one major international city) haven't gotten the memo.

Click here to check out 10 major rebranding disasters and what you should learn from them

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/rebranding-failures-2010-3#ixzz0kWS7Uw4Q

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