April 13, 2010

Twitter ads to begin today - what do you think?

What do you think about Twitter selling advertising? What if it started to show up in your personal Twitter stream? Well, take a look at this article on Social Small Biz, and see what you think...would it be a good option for your organization to reach a new audience (or your current target)?
Twitter to roll out advertising

Reports have revealed that Twitter is set to roll out advertising today on Twitter.com. The new ad service – called Promoted Tweets – will allows advertisers to place their ads next to certain Twitter searches. In the future, Twitter plans to insert sponsored messages into users’ streams in what will be seen as a much more controversial move:

“When a Twitter user searches for a word an advertiser bought, the promoted message will show up at the top of the results, even if it was written much earlier. The posts say they are promoted by the company in small type, and when someone rolls over a promoted post with a cursor, it turns yellow.”

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