October 17, 2011

PRSA International conference so far

One of the great things our chapter does is to send its president or his/her designee to the annual international conference. For me, this is the first such conference and I have found it to be almost overwhelming in information. I do want to share some what I learn and would encourage you to follow the twitter feeds at #prsaicom. There are some pretty serious tweeters here and the tweets cover the gamut of topics.

One of the more notable presentations this morning was from Chris Brogan. I would characterize his style as irreverent, but insightful as well. His key message was to cultivate, leverage and develop a sense of belonging. To cultivate visibility for clients/organizations and to make your customer the hero of the stories you tell are key aspects of his approach. He
defined PRSA as "passionate relationship-minded storytelling association." Interesting.

Storytelling is the common theme of many of the keynotes and presenters so far, and I even overheard another attendee make the same observation. I did not follow Chris before; but I made that correction after hearing him speak.

Another point he made was that your web page is your home -- social media is the outpost and you should not live there. Not everyone you interact with on the outpost are stakeholders in your town, so to speak.

He also recommended two books: "The Referral Engine" and "Trust Agents." Like just about everyone here, he has written a book. I better get started.

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