October 12, 2011

Oct. 25 Monthly Meeting

Generation Y. The Millennial Generation. Generation Next. The Net Generation. Whatever you call them, today’s public relations practitioners born in the 1980s are making their presence known in the work force. So what do supervisors need to know to effectively manage millennials? 

Get the answer to that question at our October chapter meeting when we will feature a PRSA webinar titled “Managing, Motivating and Mentoring Millennials: An In-Depth Look at Engaging the Largest and Fastest-Growing Pool of PR Professionals.”

The webinar is presented by Ken Jacobs, principal at Jacobs Communications Consulting, LLC. Ken’s presentation will cover such areas as the differences between millennials and GenXers, the 10 most important millennial traits, the 20 most important actions supervisors should take when managing millennials, understanding their demand for freedom and more.

This meeting will be held at noon on Oct. 25 at the Great Southern Operations Center.
Please RSVP to rsvp@swmoprsa.org by noon Friday,
 Oct. 21.
Cancellations must also be made by noon that day to avoid being invoiced for the cost of the meeting.

Lunch for members is $12, students cost $8 and first time guests are free. Subsequent meetings for non-members cost $17.

This will be the final meeting of 2011.

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