February 11, 2011

Message from the President

I wanted to share with you the goals the board has chosen to focus on this year.

· Provide value to members through monthly programs, professional development seminars, online resources and networking opportunities. (Success measured through annual membership survey.)

· Hold at least two engagements with outlying area members this year.

· Increase average number of members attending monthly meetings to 25 and increase student membership.

As you can tell, these revolve around ensuring you get your money’s worth regarding PRSA membership. We also hope to grow the chapter by offering opportunities to areas outside Springfield and through increased student membership, both of which will benefit the chapter in the long term.

Having an engaged and committed membership is critical to the success of our chapter, and I hope you will either volunteer to help plan and organize our key annual activities or answer the bell when called on by one of our directors. So far, several have committed to assist the three directors-at-large initiatives including:

· Claire Faucett, Professional Development Seminar

· Stacey Fender , PR Boot Camp

· Lori Marble, APR accreditation

· Becky Lucas, web site

· Angela Frizell, social media

· Melinda Arnold, communications

· Zac Rantz, scholarship

· Andrea Cramer, student liaison

· Ann Elwell, membership

We may be small (boutique!) but our expectations are not thanks to the time and energy these folks are willing to give.

Finally, the members who responded to the last survey regarding changing the day/time of the monthly meetings voted overwhelmingly to keep it where it is, so we will consider the issue closed and plan on meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month in the same location this year.

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