February 11, 2010

Message from the President

One of our chapter’s past presidents, Melinda Arnold, is happy to tell new acquaintances that we first met when she was in high school and I was . . . well . . . older than that. We didn’t reconnect until much later, when both of us were public relations professionals in Springfield. When we both landed in PRSA, we made a point of sharing best practices and learning from one another as we served together on our chapter’s board of directors.

One of the many benefits of membership in PRSA is the opportunity to make enduring friendships. Some may argue that this is only a side benefit, but I would counter that it is often through friendships that professional careers grow.

Those of you who have worked on one of our chapter’s projects or events know how that involvement allows you to know other members in a more personal way, brainstorming ideas and achieving something new. Committee work also opens doors, their small size facilitating good discussion and an exchange of views between veteran and new members. Service on the board of directors is often where you’ll learn the most about PRSA and its inner workings, from national on down. Your service can yield lasting professional relationships and, yes, friendships as you work together toward mutual goals.

I’ll always be older than Melinda, it’s true, but we’re the same when it comes to our belief that being involved members of PRSA benefits our careers—and our friendship, too.

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